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WORSE THAN CORONA VIRUS (Amplifiers TV - Episode 35).mp4

There is hope for Nigeria (Amplifiers TV - Episode 34).mp4

THE SECRET OF DOCTOR SILAS (Amplifiers TV - Episode 24).mp4

THE REWARD - Part 3 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 49).mp4

THE REWARD - Part 1 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 31).mp4

THE NAME JESUS (Amplifiers TV - Episode 21).mp4

THE MOCKED BIBLE (Amplifiers TV - Episode 29).mp4

The Judgement - Part 4 (AmplifiersTV - Episode 47).mp4

The Judgement - Part 3 (AmplifiersTV Episode 41).mp4

The Judgement - Part 2 (AmplifiersTV Episode 40).mp4

The Judgement - Part 1 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 39).mp4

THE DISTRACTION (Amplifiers TV - Episode 30).mp4

TEST OF FAITH (Amplifiers TV - Episode 33).mp4

SELINANDA (Amplifiers TV - Episode 25).mp4

Say No To Rape!!!! (AmplifiersTV - Episode 43).mp4

SAVED BY GRACE (Amplifiers TV - Episode 26).mp4

POWER OF PRAISE 1 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 2).mp4

POWER OF PRAISE - Part 4 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 28).mp4

POWER OF PRAISE - Part 4 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 28).mp4

Power of Praise - Part 3 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 20).mp4

Onise Iyanu - Full Movie (AmplifiersTV - Episode 45).mp4

Imagine what she did to her Dad. (AmplifiersTV - Episode 44).mp4

I KNOW YOU (AmplifiersTV Episode 42).mp4

FRAUD 03 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 55).mp4

FAKEvsCALLED - How to know a fake Pastor (Amplifiers TV - Episode 18).mp4

FAKE LOVE (Amplifiers TV - Episode 27).mp4

FAITHFUL GOD - (Amplifiers TV - Episode 14).mp4

Everyone Is Important - Part 2 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 4).mp4

Everyone is important - Part 1 (Amplifiers TV - Episode 3).mp4

DIVINE INTERVENTION (Amplifiers TV - Episode 37).mp4

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